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Are you a professional?

Know the jobs of your skills with job landing rewards, average 600USD, or 1.2% of your annual salary.

Earn lifetime referral rewards, average 200USD or 0.4% of the job's annual salary, whenever your invited HR or network matches any jobs on Platfone.

*average reward is based on US average salary. Rewarding rates is subject to change but guaranteed.

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Why Posting jobs on Platfone?

We spread your jobs to more professional networks with no initial costs and risk

  • Free to post jobs you need to be seen by relevant professionals with instant notifications.
  • Your jobs on Platfone are encouraged to be shared to more professional networks with our lifetime referral reward program.
  • Know the professional's expected salary and able to contact them directly.
  • No costs if job is not matched. Only 4 % of the professional's annual salary will be paid to Platfone after the professional is hired and full refunds if trial period is failed.
  • The first 10 posted jobs of the month will receive extra free advertisement on social networks to reach more relevant professionals.

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